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Beso Beso Luka. Pouch Hall of Fame.

The simplicity is stunning. An everyday fabric - Silsuede - an everyday color - dark chocolate brown - and an everyday brand - a gold hot stamp - TWISTED INTO THE STRATOSPHERE by a habanero-colored drawstring! Please meet our first entry into the PouchesUSA Hall of Fame! Marketing magic designed this pouch (I wish I could claim it!) - the artist that converted everyday, stock materials and colors into custom, special packaging - pouches that are truly unique - deserves a place in the coveted Hall.

There are no cookie cutters at Pouches USA. Instead, we offer rolls and rolls of fabric, spools and spools of string, and tubs and tubs of ink. We encourage you to get your inner, artist funk on, and create a pouch program that is "YOU!".

Who knows - you could be the next member of the Hall.

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