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How To Build a Signature Pouch Program


The goal is to build a pouch program that will help differentiate your business from your competition. Want to look like a big box store? Buy from Amazon. Want to look like every other, online jeweler? Buy from a tools and supplies distributer. Want pouches sewn from a thin, scratchy fabric that's printed inconsistently and flecked with dirt? Buy from China.

However, If you'd like a pouch program that is truly unique - a high-quality program that will help grow your business - a little design work is required. And it's fun!


Here's how to build a Signature Pouch Program: 


STEP 1 - Listed below are eight, different design considerations. Grab a notepad, scroll through each, and note your preferances.

  1. Choose one of our 5 different pouch styles here

  2. Choose one of our 10 different pouch fabrics here

  3. Choose from hundreds of colors here

  4. Choose one of four different types of drawstrings here

  5. Choose the best way to brand your pouches here

  6. Choose pouch boxes here

  7. Learn about our order minimums, sizes, prices and discounts here

  8. Learn how to place an order or get samples here


STEP 2 Email or call at 800-828-2163 with the following:

  1. Your design choices

  2. A pdf of your logo

  3. Your company name, address and phone number

And if you get stuck or require more info, please don't hesitate to call or email

STEP 3 - This step is on us. Once we receive this information, we'll send you the following documents:

  1. A detailed quote, including specifications, prices and discounts

  2. Digital proofs of your logo superimposed onto the pouches and boxes you've selected

And once you approve these documents, your order will be dropped into production, and you'll be just a few weeks away from putting a Signature Pouch Program to work for you! 

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