How To Build a Signature Pouch Program


HOW TO BUILD A SIGNATURE POUCH PROGRAM: - Scroll to the top of this page. Underneath the "Pouches USA" logo , you'll see the "HOW TO BUILD" menu button. Hover your mouse over this button and a menu of 8 design considerations will appear, as follows:

Review each of these considerations. Jot your preferences on a notepad (you have now become a pouch designer!). Email your preferences to me ( or give me a call (800-828-2163). I'll probe you for any missing information.

Once we receive everything we need, we'll send you a 1) a quote, and 2) a digital proof of your logo on the pouches you've selected.

And once you approve these documents, you're but a few weeks away from putting a Signature Pouch Program to work for you! 


ABOUT POUCHES - So you'd like to build a pouch program, you've completed a Google search and found this page. Let me explain where you've landed.

TWO TYPES OF POUCHES - The US pouch business can be divided into two categories: imported, commodity pouches purchased from middlemen, and custom, specialty pouches purchased from US prime manufacturers like us.

COMMODITY POUCHES are most commonly made in China. US jewelry supply distributers import these in the most common colors - black, white, gray, cream and blue - in a limited number of styles and sizes. They are sewn from inexpensive fabrics.

If you don't mind looking like everyone else, if you don't mind that your pouches make crinkling sounds when in the hand, if you just want to get a cheap piece of jewelry or a repair out of the store, these pouches might work for you.

SPECIALTY POUCHES are made by the nuts of the industry, like us. A specialty pouch program will take some thought and time to design - perhaps 30 minutes - because you'll need to make a number of design decisions, including pouch style, fabric, color and how you'd like them branded. And we'll be there to help you every step of the way!

YOUR GOAL: GET YOUR POUCH REPURPOSED - Instead of a throwaway pouch, you'll be represented by a pouch of keepsake quality, a selling tool. It will make your jewels look more expensive, more precious. It will minimize returns - help every sale stick. And because it will likely be repurposed, it will provide unlimited, free advertising impressions. It will pave the way for the next sale.