If you possess bit of manual dexterity, chances are you could sew a pouch.

So what distinguishes a pouch from a truly great pouch?  Simple - fabric.


In a market inundated with pouches sewn from $5 a yard imported fabrics, we sew in a different strata.
From the elegant but affordable Silsuede and Integrity Leather, to pinnacle fabrics like Charisma and Ultrasuede,

we sew fabrics that yield fabulous and fashionable pouches.  Click below and see.

Silsuede Pouches
Charisma Pouches
Fuchsia Ultrasuede Soft
Ultrasuede Light Pouches
Integrity Leather Pouches
Vienna Leather Pouches
Linea Leather Pouches
Shimmer Leather Pouches
Black & Brown Kenized Flannel
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