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Many moons ago, a local jeweler took us to school about pouches. I had asked him why he used more pouches than conventional jewelry boxes, which was unusual. He replied, "Because I ask my customers what they want, and 75% of them choose pouches."

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Why do customers prefer jewelry pouches?

  • Pouches are great for storage. Slim and compact, pouches fit easily into jewelry boxes, jewelry trays and dresser drawers.

  • Pouches are great for travel - their petite sizes maximize storage space in purses, briefcases, backpacks and luggage.

  • "Eco-friendly" is a big deal today - especially when it comes to packaging. Pouches are very likely to be repurposed, where boxes usually wind up in the trash. So more pouches = less waste.

Why do jewelers love jewelry pouches?

  • Customers prefer pouches over boxes by a 3: 1 margin. With pouches, you'll satisfy more customers.

  • Pouches are generally more affordable than boxes, so you'll save money by using more pouches

  • Unlike boxes, pouches are less likely to wind up in the trash, so your image - your brand - lives on, creating free advertising impressions every time your pouch is seen

  • And when a customer desires another of your pieces, finding you will be as easy as Googling the name on your pouch

  • The beauty of your pouches - and the favorable quality and value perceptions they bestow upon your products - will decrease returns and pave the way for the next sale

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Why Pouches USA?

Pouches USA is the premier manufacturer of upscale, custom jewelry pouches in the US. With our vast selection of styles, fabrics, colors, sizes and branding options, we can help you build a packaging program that is uniquely yours', which will help build your business.


Call Bob today at 800-828-2163! 

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