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A well conceived brand can make a pouch really sparkle. And help you sell. 
Choose the method that best brands your business and creates free advertising impressions.

Check out our video (below) 
for full descriptions of our different branding options:
hot stamping, debossing, silk screening and heat transferring. Happy printing!


Silk Screening

Our fastest growing type of branding.


The process: we make a silk screen with your logo. In a special press, ink is pressed through your screen onto your pouch fabric. The ink is then cured with heat.


Silk screens yields a softer, more subdued image than hot stamping. It is often used for a tone-on-tone effect (see the green pouch to the right. Silk screen images are permanent and will not rub off or flake.


There are an unlimited number of ink colors available, and pouches can be printed in multiple colors and on both sides. Some fabrics, notably Charisma, tend to shrink a bit in the heat curing process, about 3/16" in a 4" pouch.


Costs: 1 color: 25 - 999 pieces per size = $0.50 per pouch, 1000+ per size = $0.38 per pouch. 2 color: 25 - 999 per size = $0.95 per pouch, 1000+ per size = $0.68 per pouch. Both sides adds $0.25 per pouch. Reusable silk screens cost $100 per size per color. Custom ink colors are $65.


Hot Stamping

Our most popular type of branding.


The process: we make a hot stamping plate with your logo. In a special machine, a thin sheet of colored foil is heat pressed into your pouch with your printing plate.


Hot stamps yield a clean, crisp, vibrant image.​ Because fabrics do not "hold" hot stamps well, hot stamps are considered temporary, and are prone to flaking when exposed to wear.


There are a limited number of hot stamp colors, and pouches can only be printed in one color on one side.


Costs: 25 - 999 pieces per size = $0.25 per pouch, 1000+ pieces per size = $0.18 per pouch.   Reusable printing plates cost $100 per size.



Debossing is the same process as hot stamping, but without the use of a colored foil. So your logo is essentially heat "branded" into the surface of the fabric.


Because of the subtle looking nature of a debossed image, large, bold logos are usually preferable, and some fabrics and colors blind deboss better than others. In the event that a particular fabric or logo won't yield a good result, tone-on-tone silk screening can yield a similar effect (see above).


Because foil is not used in the process, flaking is not an issue.


Debossing costs the same as hot stamping.


Heat Transferring

Our newest type of branding!


Our other branding processes can only be used with simple, one-color logos. For customers with multi-color or intricate logos, we apply them with a process called heat transferring.


The process: a computer prints your multi-colored logo onto a special paper, and this logo is then transferred to your pouch with a special heat press. This yields a brand as you designed it - neat, clean, detailed and delicate, and most importantly, permanent! 


Costs: Heat transferring labels must be purchased in 1000 piece lots ($250). The charge to heat transfer these on pouches of any order size is $0.75 each.


Miscellaneous Branding Notes

Great branding begins and ends with a well designed logo. Because of the medium that we are branding - pouches made from fabric - it is essential to follow the three B's of logo design: BIG, BOLD AND BRASSY!   

Small logos and small details will get swallowed by the pile of your fabric, and you will be disappointed with the result. It is recommended that no character in your logo be smaller than 3/8".

Logos are submitted to us via email, in ai., psd., eps., png., & pdf format.

Regarding logo size in relation to pouch size, it's advisable to go as large as possible. Remember the three B's - a too small logo will get swallowed by the pile of the fabric.

Regarding logo placement, we can place you logo almost anywhere on the pouch. Please consider how a pouch's shape changes when the strings are pulled (it triangulates).  For this reason, to minimize logo distortion, we like to drop logos beneath the center of the pouch, sometimes at the very bottom.

We're happy to consult with you regarding your logo and the best, possible branding results.   

Call us at 800-828-2163 for more information.

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