If you possess bit of manual dexterity, chances are you could sew a pouch.

So what distinguishes a pouch from a truly great pouch?  Simple - fabric.


In a market inundated with pouches sewn from $5 a yard imported fabrics, we sew in a different strata.
rom the elegant but affordable Silsuede and Integrity Leather, to pinnacle fabrics like Charisma and Ultrasuede,

we sew fabrics that yield fabulous and fashionable pouches.  Click below and see.

Basic Fabric Descriptions

Ultrasuede: The pinnacle of pouch fabrics. Double faced, garment quality. Fashion forward color selection. Rose petal, soapy touch. Medium pile. Brands pretty clearly. Available in two versions: Light (thinner) and Soft (thicker).

Charisma Suede: Another garment quality fabric. Double faced. Fashion forward color selection. Most authentic looking and feeling suede. Lower pile, which makes it great for all types of branding. Medium heft.

Silsuede: Most economical suede, but still falls in top 20% of suedes used in the US. Single faced. Basic color selection. Thicker pile, which sometimes makes branding tricky. Medium heft.

Vienna Leather: Nicest leatherette. Single faced. Many color and texture options. Authentic, leather like feel. Like all leathers, makes a stiffer feeling, less feminine pouch. Hot stamps very well, but can not be silk screened.

Integrity Leather: Most affordable and popular leatherette. Basic color assortment. Hot stamps very well, but can not be silk screened.

Linea and Shimmer Leather: Similar to Integrity Leather, but with an architectural embossing. Hot stamps very well, but can not be silk screened.

Kenized Flannel: Cotton flannel impregnated with Kenized Silvershield, into tarnish compound. Basic color assortment. Can be hot stamped and silk screened, but the fuzzy surface of the fabric yields less than stellar results.

Click on the Pictures Below To View Color Selections For Each Fabric

Ultrasuede Soft Pouches
Fuchsia Ultrasuede Soft, fuchsia drawstring, gold hot stamp
Ultrasuede Light Pouches
Amatista Ultrasuede Soft, gray drawstring, silver hot stamp
Charisma Suede Pouches
Navy Charisma, navy drawstring, khaki silk screen
Silsuede Pouches
Hibiscus Silsuede, gold drawstring, gold silk screen
Vienna Leather Pouches
Navy Vienna Leather, silver drawstring, silver hot stamp
Integrity Leather Pouches
Peanut Integrity Leather, customer supplied drawstring, black hot stamp
Linea Leather Pouches
Classic Bronze Linea Leather, gold drawstring, gold hot stamp
Shimmer Leather Pouches
Paradiso Shimmer Leather, gray drawstring, translucent hot stamp
Kenized Flannel Pouches
Black and Brown Kenized Flannel with matching drawstrings
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