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So what distinguishes a pouch from a truly great pouch?  Simple - fabric.

Printed Pouches Shipped within 1 Week - Any Style, Any Size!

While the majority of our business involves crafting beautiful

pouches from hundreds of different pouch colors,, we do stock a

variety of fabrics and colors that can be built very quickly -

in one week - customized with your logo!


  • Styles: flounced top, regular top, round bottom, overlock stitch flap pouch and straight stitch flap pouch

  • Fabrics and colors: see gallery below

  • Drawstrings: any of our Twisted Rayon colors

  • Branding: silk screening, in one of 40 colors

  • Lead time: pouches will ship within a week of order date

  • Minimum order: 100 pieces per order, 50 pieces per style

  • How to order: call 800-828-2163 or email at

Pigeon Silsuede

Fabrics & Colors Available

Cream Silsuede

Noir Silsuede

Brown Kenized Flannel

Marine Silsuede

Ebene Silsuede

Black Kenized Flannel

Ivoire Silsuede

Ivory Silkskin

Argent Silsuede

Pigeon Silsuede

Ivoire Silsuede

Minuet Silsuede

Vanilla Charisma Suede

Double-faced Noir Silsuede
Flap pouches only

Double-faced Pigeon Silsuede
Flap pouches only

Call us now at 800-828-2163!

Recycled Silsuede

  • BRAND NEW - made from plastic bottles!

  • Niche: Eco-friendly faux suede

  • Triple certified: REACH (European equivalent California Prop 65), Certified Vegan and PIW (uses post industrial waste fibers)

  • Cost: Moderate

  • Colors: 8 (black, white, cream, navy, medium gray, dark brown, red)

  • Single faced, medium weight, medium pile

  • Brands well​

  • Available in all pouch styles​

  • Will not cause tarnishing

  • Can be sewn with compartment dividers to protect delicate jewelry

  • Click to view color chart

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