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As a designer of custom closets, I quickly found out that feeling frustrated with the way jewelry is stored is a common sentiment. And I shared this annoyance! Despite having a spacious, jewelry drawer with preformed, plastic compartments, it never quite accommodated my diverse collection - clunky necklaces, assorted bracelets, interchangeable pendants and more. Every time I opened that drawer, my jewelry seemed out of place and cramped within the rigid compartments.

I pondered buying a custom jewelry organizer but even this was problematic - the compartments didn't match my jewelry collection and lacked room for larger items like pouches or jewelers’ boxes. One exasperated day, I tore out the glued-in insert and bought some multi-purpose, plastic trays—big ones for necklaces and small ones for bracelets. It was better, but my jewelry wasn't protected, prompting me to line the compartments with fabric. This was better still, but soon the fabric wrinkled, the boxes didn't fit snugly, and the drawer's plain bottom remained an eyesore.



The 'Ah-Ha' moment arrived with these thoughts:

  • What if I designed a line of different jewelry trays that fit seamlessly together, creating a custom look when placed side by side?

  • What if you could choose trays and organizers that perfectly suited your collection?

  • What if each tray came with various compartments—single compartment, double, four, five, ten, and eighteen compartments—to suit different jewelry types?

  • What if the drawer's interior could be lined with a padded velvet liner, thus concealing the drawer's ugly bottom?

  • What if the drawer liner could accommodate extra-long necklaces or create new 'compartments' for your needs?

  • What if this system was portable, relocatable to a new house, a safe, or your dressing area?

  • What if the drawer's height allowed stacking the organizers if desired?

Well, "What if" is no longer "what if - welcome to "LUXURY JEWELRY ORGANIZERS"—personalized, unique jewelry storage - crafted by ...... you.!

LJO-11 Tray Loaded

LJO-1 Tray Loaded

2 LJO-2 & 1 LJO-4 Trays Loaded

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