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My drawer consisted of egg cartons, plastic trays, jewelers’ boxes. I couldn’t find anything and it made me crazy. After putting these beautiful velvet boxes in my drawer, I can see EVERYTHING I have. I found things I had forgotten I had. Now I open the drawer, which I do often, just because I love looking at it. It is totally great!

Susan B., Monterey, CA

I received my order…beautiful!

Margie B., Long Meadow, MA

I had to research and research until I found you. The quality is there and the flexibility is there. I love it!!

Lara C Interior Designer, Miami, FL and NY

I just wanted to tell you how much I am loving these boxes! I finally Have my jewelry in one place and not spread out all over my dresser Top and in 4 jewelry boxes! I’m so excited – I show everyone who comes over! Thanks so much. These are wonderful boxes – I keep looking for more ways to use them.

Jennifer H., Kansas City, MO

They are lovely!! I will e mail you a photograph when the drawer is complete. Thanks, the liner and boxes are beautiful. I’ll so enjoy opening the jewelry drawer every single day.

Pat B

My husband has almost 200 pairs of cuff-links and I didn’t know what to get him for his birthday. A friend turned me onto these velvet organizers and I bought 10 boxes…each one divided into 18 compartments, and two drawer liners. Steve is so pleased with his two dedicated drawers for his collection.

Laurie S., Irvine, CA

I LOVE my velvet jewelry organizers..they make it possible to keep all my jewelry organized and easy to see. AND when I moved, I just stacked up the trays and moved them to their new home (a different size drawer). The velvet liner keeps the trays in place, and really does make the whole drawer seem “filled” with trays. It makes me feel good to see everything neatly in place, and very convenient to access.

Suzanne C., Tampa, FL

I love my new earring box. The depth is great and it fits perfectly. I am impressed with the quality – something that was surprising, especially because you never know what you’re going to get over the internet.

Kelly B., Dallas, TX

My new jewelry drawers look awesome in my new custom vanity – I am thrilled I picked your website to order from. The velvet liners make all the difference!

Barbara J., Bluebell, PA

I keep most of my jewelry in a safe in my home. I used to keep each piece in a separate velvet box. This meant that any time I wanted something, I had to open every box of that particular shape and size to look for what I wanted. Not only was this time consuming, but it drove me nuts. It was also difficult to bend down to empty out the safe to get to all of the boxes. I told my husband to “find a better way” before I lose my mind. After less than a half hour of internet searching, he called me into his study and asked if your wonderful velvet trays would “do”. I was ecstatic with his find and even more so when I discovered that if I purchased four of them, a fifth one would be added to the purchase at no extra cost!! After they arrived, I took all my jewelry, which is a very large collection, down to the kitchen table and spread it out by category. I then loaded up each tray, happily throwing out all those old boxes as I went along. It took almost two hours to get it just the way I wanted it . Now, I just pull out the five trays and find anything in less than two minutes. Before discovering your wonderful product, we were thinking of buying another safe, which costs over $1,000. This would have been a big problem as we had no place to install it. Now, there is plenty of room for my darling husband of more than 44 years to buy me more jewelry. I will just have to order more trays!

Janet S., Smithtown, NY

My wife reorganized her jewelry and loves it!

Norman S., New York, NY

These boxes are wonderful – better than anything out there – they are the Tiffany of organizers.


I received my boxes yesterday and I love them!

Adriene P., Santa Monica, CA

The boxes were a birthday gift for my wife and she loved them. It fit perfectly in the drawer and she was able to organize her jewelry beautifully. Thanks also for the fast shipping.

Michael D., Albertville, AL

I have been searching high and low for several days for a personalized jewelry storage system. This will suit my ever-changing needs perfectly!

Laurie F., Downsville, LA

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