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Mid-Year Resolution (August 16, 2021)

I'm committed to it. These blog posts. Weekly, I hope. There's so much happening in this little shop that needs to be publicized, so we're going to start with this blog. Maybe then we can move on to the new frontier, Facebook, or, gulp ... Instagram!

Let's start with a few, new things. Pictured below is a new fabric called Cotton Canvas, and a new branding method called heat transferring. Here's the scoop on both.

There's a definite trend towards, natural, more environmentally friendly pouch fabrics, and Cotton Canvas fits that bill. Made in the US, Cotton Canvas is 100% cotton and is available with two attributes that are important to our fashion-forward clients: it's available in the perfect weight for pouches (10 ounces) and 24 beautiful colors (Snap Pink, anyone?). Now, there's no need to sacrifice looking cool to be environmentally friendly! We've built a handful of orders and have samples in a few colors - call us at 800-828-2163 or email at bob@pouchesusa. com if this piques your interest. Cotton Canvas joins Kenized Flannel (100% cotton) and Ultrasuede ST (30% plant based) as our environmentally friendly ways to build a beautiful Signature Pouch Program.

New big thing #2: heat transferring. What's the sense of investing in a beautiful, pouch program if you don't put your name on it? If a client wants to buy ANOTHER piece, how do they find you if they don't remember your name? Simple: by Googling the logo on your pouch! Unfortunately, most logos are applied in an old-fashioned way, and these logos ends up flaking and looking crummy within a short period of time. Not good for a brand.

We apply logos in four ways (silk screening, blind embossing, hot stamping and heat transferring), and each serves a different purpose. This blog post is about heat transferring, the new method used for intricate, small and tricky logos, and for fabrics that are difficult to brand, like flannel.

Here's the process: your tricky logo gets sent to us in pdf format, and from this, we send you a black-and-white proof. Once you approve the proof, we make computerized decals of your logo with silk screening inks that we heat transfer onto your pouches. Quick, clean, accurate, permanent and LOVELY! Because of costs and minimums (500 pieces), heat transferring ain't for everyone, but for those who require something intricate and/or colorful, heat transferring is the only way to go.

Yikes - so this concludes our inaugural blog post! Stay tuned for future entries - if the busy season and silk screen press let's me. Thanks for reading!

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