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"Eco Friendly" and Repurposing

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

The concept of "eco-friendly" gets kicked around a lot in pouch conversations these days; these immediately segue into a conversation about which of our fabrics falls into the eco-friendly ideal. Let's see, we have a 30% vegan fabric (Ultrasuede ST), one made from recycled plastic bottles (Recycled Silsuede), and two all-cotton fabrics (Kenized Flannel and Cotton Canvas). And then someone mentions the huge amounts of water it takes to grow cotton, and the conversation devolves into a murky debate from which there is no return.

How about we use packaging that never gets thrown away, packaging that gets used over and over again - ain't that the epitome of eco-friendly?

Have a look at the above pic. There's two packaging components in the pic: a box and a pouch. Here's what happens on Christmas Eve: the box finds the trash, and the pouch, well, has a great chance to live again.

How many pouches are in your home? Pouches are great for travel and storage. They are found in every dresser drawer, in every purse. And they get repurposed: coins, nuts and bolts, seeds. In my possession - and this is no exaggeration - the following things can be found in our pouches: my bike computer, my medications, my camera, my pocket knife, my flash drives, poker change, guitar picks and a guitar capo. Repurposed.

Isn't this the epitome of eco-friendly?

When your customer sees your pretty Fuchsia Ultrasuede pouch in their jewelry box, when they pull their cuticle scissors from your Egyptian Green pouch, they are reminded of you and the care you took to select a reusable, durable and beautiful pouch, and they will be more inclined to buy from you again.

This isn't only eco-friendly. It's good business, too.

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