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The Only Complaint I Get: Hot Stamping

Hot stamping dates back to the Middle Ages, I think, and on some mediums - paper, cardboard, plastic, etc. - it has a place. Hot stamping on pouch fabric? Uh, no.

Pouch hot stamping is "achieved" by heating up a engraving plate to about 300 degrees, and pressing this plate onto pouch fabric with a thin piece of colored foil placed in between. The heat releases the color from the foil and pressure applies the color to the pouch fabric.

There's only one problem with this method, and it's a big one: there is nothing holding the color onto the pouch - no glue, adhesives - nothing. And after we ship the pouch to you, after you load it with your jewel and ship it to you customer, and after your customer uses the pouch a few times, the inevitable happens: the logo begins to flake. Your precious pouch - the one you obsessed over - which fabric?, which color?, which style?, which sizes? - sits in your customer's drawer with your logo half on and half off. Not a good look - for either of us.

And then you call me with the only complaint I ever get.

My first boss John Tremblay once instructed that I never bring him a problem without a solution, and accordingly, I have solutions for you - three, in fact. To the flaking hot stamp problem I bring you silk screening, debossing and heat transferring - three beautiful, PERMANENT ways to apply your brand to your pouch. Click here for a detailed description of each process, and I've included a gratuitous photo of some, gorgeous silk screened pouches below.

To my clients who presently hot stamp, here's a deal: a free silk screen when you make the conversion. Call me at 800-828-2163 when you're ready to launch.

No more complaints. Let's talk about the kids.

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