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  • Patented design. Dimensions: 42" x 27" (W x L). In most cases, big enough to line two drawers.
  • Covered in Royal Gray Velveteen
  • Can be precisely cut with ordinary scissors
  • Corner-to-corner fit gives drawers a custom look
  • FREE CUTTING! After you place your order, call 800-828-2163 with cutting instructions, or email at
  • Will securely fit in your drawers without adhesives, making them easy to clean
  • 1/4" foam padding provides a soft-landing place for items that don’t fit well into jewelry trays, like glasses, large bead necklaces, bangle pillows, pouches and keys
  • Ensures jewelry items and trays stay securely in place when drawers are opened and closed
  • Designed to be used in conjunction with our other patented, jewelry organizer trays to create a custom storage solution for every drawer

Padded Velvet Drawer Liner (42" x 27") - #LJO-8RG

$48.00 Regular Price
$38.40Sale Price
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