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Flounced Top Pouches

Best selling, our deluxe version of the string pouch. The strings are located 5/8" from the top of the pouch forming a pretty "flounce" when the strings are pulled. 20 sizes.

Round Bottom Pouches

These pouches have the same tops as our flounced top pouches, but with round bottoms. 3 sizes.

Regular Top Pouches

Our original drawstring pouch, with strings located at the top of the pouch. 13 sizes.

Overlock Flap Pouches

One of our two styles of flap pouches; this one with decorative "overlock" stitching. 20 sizes.

Straight Stitch Flap Pouches

One of our two styles of flap pouches; this one with sleek, strait stitching. 20 sizes.

Pouch and Jewelry Boxes

These inexpensive boxes used for packaging pouches or a stand-alone package for inexpensive jewelry. 24 colors.

Euro-style Packaging

An assortment of fancy jewel boxes, folders, pouches and shoppers available in an almost unlimited assortment of fabrics and colors. Imported.

Luxury Jewelry Organizers

Frustrated by that mess in your jewelry drawer? End the chaos with one of our upscale, jewelry storage and organizer products.

What People Say


"We received the Egyptian Green Ultrasuede pouches today and they look gorgeous! Thank you

so very much!"


"I meant to send this email when I received the pouches - they are great!  Thank you so much for all your help!"


"Got the earring pouches - they are perfect - the Executive Gray Ultrasuede pouches are really fabulous!"

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