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STEP 1 - Visit our Pouch Gallery

The Gallery features dozens of different projects we've built over the years - use this page to get ideas for your own Signature Pouch Program.

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STEP 3 - Choose a Pouch Fabric

We offer more fabrics than any manufacturer, including 6 suedes, 2 leatherettes, an anti-tarnish flannel, and a cotton canvas. Color charts can be found on this page.

STEP 6 - Choose a Pouch Branding Method

We can hot stamp, deboss, silk screen or heat transfer your logo onto your pouches. Find out more about each process on this page.

STEP 2 - Choose a Pouch Style

Visit this page to determine which style will work best for you. Will it be flounced-top, regular-top or round-bottomed string pouches, or one of our two styles of envelope-style flap pouches? Sizes for each style can be found on this page.


STEP 5 - Choose a Pouch Drawstring

If you're buying a string pouch, you're going to need a drawstring. Choose one from our selection of four different string types. Color charts can be found on this page.


STEP 4 - Choose a Pouch Color

Besides offering more fabrics, we offer more colors than any manufacturer. View our color charts on this page.

STEP 7 - Need Pouch Boxes?

Learn more about them here.

STEP 8 - Call us! 

We've been doing this for 79 years, and 99% of the time, we help new clients via the telephone. Call us at 800-828-2163. We can be reached via email, also, at

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