Orders can be placed via email, signature pouch form or by phone (800-828-2163). We'll send an email confirmation before we proceed with any order.


If you are a new customer or just searching for a new look, we urge you to click on the "BUILD OPTIONS" tab in the above menu. This will direct you to a menu of styles, colors, sizes, etc. that will help you build a Signature Pouch Program. Once you build your pouch, we'll send you a quote as well as a digital mock-up of your pouch.



Payment arrangements (by credit card, checks or cash) will confirm your order and manufacturing will commence. Our normal manufacturing lead time is between 30 and 45 days. Rush orders are available upon special request.

Because of the custom nature of our business, order cancellations must occur within 24 hours of order placement, otherwise, confirmed orders, whether by phone call or email, are considered final sales.



Generic samples - Some clients like to see samples before ordering, and we're happy to send them to you. In this case, send us an email (bob@pouchesusa.com) with a listing of what you'd like to see. Our "Pouch Gallery" is a great place to get ideas. Email a listing of desired styles, fabrics, colors and sizes, and we'll send out a sample packet, usually within 24 hours. Be sure to include your address! Remember that these samples will be generic in nature, and we'll probably not be able to satisfy every specific color combination (example: Shrimp Charisma with a black satin ribbon with gold stamping). Generally, we'll send you enough products to enable you to make a decision.

Custom SamplesOccasionally, clients require custom-built samples (specific fabric, color, size, string and branded with your logo). These samples require special purchases (fabric and branding tooling) and machine set-ups on our part, and thus, we charge $175 each for these samples. $100 of this is refundable if you ultimately place an order.

Please call us if you need help with any part of this process (800-828-2163).