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At the Moment of Truth: The Gift Giving Moment

Your store is closed; your online business is down for the holidays. The sale is made. For your customer - for your jewel - it is the moment of truth - the gift giving moment. Long gone are the endless hours, trade shows, buying trips, training seminars, fancy displays, Google ad campaigns - at the moment of truth, it's just your jewel and your package.

How important is that package? Depends on the package. If it is one of distinctive, high quality - a package of keepsake quality - it will be an asset - a selling tool. It will make every jewel look more expensive, more precious. It will minimize returns - help every sale stick. It will properly reflect your reputation, your business, your store, site, displays and personnel. It will pave the way for the next sale.

Your package - a mini representation of your business - your last-line selling tool. Alive and kicking and doing its thing at the moment of truth.

Take the proactive approach at the moment of truth - put a truly precious package to work for you.

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